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Vacation Rental in Three Rivers, CA. Rustic Suite Escape on the River

Escape to Three Rivers, California minutes from Sequoia National Park!
VRBO links above for reviews and info. 1bdrm 1 ba. Suite, 1-2 guests, 1 Queen bed
7.5 Mi. to Sequoia National Park, 5 min. to Lake Kaweah, 1.5 mi. to Village Market. on the South Fork of the Kaweah River

North Fork sign      "Downtown" Three Rivers, CA.
Minutes to Sequoia National Park Ash Mountain Main Entrance!

Lake Kaweah is 5 minutes away by car and was stocked with trout. Page top

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Three Rivers, CA post office
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         "General Sherman Tree",in Sequoia National Park is 275 feet tall 102 feet around, and weighs 2.7 million pounds.**
Just Driving around

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Three Rivers, California
Visit Sequoia National Park!